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Project Description

Getting A Grip on The Basics

It doesn’t matter if you are seeking, a brand-new believer, or have been following Jesus for many years. Getting A Grip on the Basics is a class designed to answers questions about our faith, help you establish your new belief, and ignite your faith.

If you are new to faith, new to church, or wanting to know what we believe, this is where you start your journey to a wonderful life in Christ and with CityGate Church.

Grip on the Basics: What a well-organized course for everyone, regardless of how many years you’ve known the Lord. This course had great teachers, while providing a warm setting for getting to know others in the church, as well as building your faith individually. I was always glad I attended~KA

Getting A Grip on the Basics is a 7-week course that will allow you to make new friends, ask any questions you may have, teach you the foundations of our faith, how to grow in relationship with God, and even how to defend what you believe

In this class, individuals learn about the history, vision, values, and purpose of CityGate. They get a good look at what God has called CityGate to be and to do, receive personal pastoral connection, and get their questions answered. After membership class, those who choose CityGate as home and sign the membership covenant, can immediately get involved in serving opportunities.